Why we are needed

One survey found that Chulmleigh, a rural community, only had 20% of “Red” calls responded to within the target of 8 minutes. The national required standard is 75% but this is a supra-regional target which statistically favours urban & semi-urban areas. Our aim is to rectify this imbalance in communities in Devon. First Responders are based at the heart of the community they serve, this means that they are often only a few minutes away from the emergency. As time is vital every second counts especially when dealing with Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

What we do

Fundraising is a time consuming activity; we carry this out so that the volunteer responders can concentrate on the emergency work that they carry out for our community.Donate Now

DART by obtaining grants, gaining the support of local businesses, and the kind donations received from the people of Devon and beyond, aim to provide these responders some of the best possible equipment to help them save lives across the county. We also part fund some fire co-responders.

Our vehicle selection is based on functionality and value.